All the available translations come with BeeBEEP package (English is the default one). Here you can find the development version of them. You can check the translation status of your preferred language in the repository on sourceforge. If you want to use it, download the ".qm file". Put it in the same folder of BeeBEEP or in the place you want (after you have to select the folder in BeeBEEP "Select language" option).

Download Chinese (Taiwan): thanks to Aaron Wang.
Download Czech: thanks to m.i.n.i.s.t.r.y. and frantajetel.
Download Dutch: thanks to Tim Tyteca and Elbert Pol.
Download French: thanks to Gregory Blanchouin and Antoine Desir.
Download German: thanks to Michael Kopp, Bernhard Wallenta, Dennis Korner and Jan Stoehring.
Download Hungarian: thanks to Revesz Ferenc.
Download Italian: native.
Download Norwegian (Bokmaal): thanks to Arne Hanssen.
Download Polish: thanks to Pawel Ciesla.
Download Portuguese (Brazilian): thanks to Tarik Martinez.
Download Russian: thanks to Victor Khokhlov, Aleksey Kabanov and Alexander Okulovich.
Download Serbian: thanks to Dejan Jovanovic.
Download Spanish: thanks to Teo Madariaga.
Download Swedish: thanks to Ake Engelbrektson (Svenska Sprakfiler).
Download Turkish: thanks to Arif Dogan.
Download Vietnamese (Tieng Viet): thanks to Chau Hoang Chuong.

Translations under development

Do you want to submit your language translation? Follow these steps: